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8 months ago

New Ubiquiti USG-PRO-4


I just swapped out my router USG-3 for a USG-PRO-4...

Now - I keep getting an error when trying to watch channels on the Cox Contour APP:

Please connect to your home WiFi network

Due to licensing agreements, some content can only be viewed on your home WiFi

I am on my home network...  WIRED and/or WiFi...  Same error...

The only change was the router...

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  • Hello CompSCI, 


    Are you experiencing any issues using other apps?


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    What modem are you using? If you are using a Cox WiFi modem, and connecting a router to it, then make sure you are connecting to the SSID of the Cox Modem to stream. 

    However.... First, and I apologize for not noting this, Power off the router, reboot the modem, wait for it to come online, THEN power up the router, and test it?