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Pop-up saya "Uh-oh You need to add this channel" blah blah, then app drops out shortly later.  MSNBC is obviously part of my cable package, I wait until the COX logo appears on home screen before selecting live TV, I have recycled app, iPad and router.  IPad is within a few meters of the router.

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    Please log into a computer and try the MSNBC website. Please let us know if you get an error message.

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    No problem viewing live on laptop (that is on same Wi-Fi).

    iPad pop-up also says "Your TV subscription does not include this channel. Please contact your TV Provider about upgrading your service to get access." 

    I have un- and re-installed app and pop-up an subsequent drop-out continues..

  • apcsmith,

    Thanks for confirming you see the Cox logo sign in through the MSNBC App. When is this message popping up- as soon as you enter your Cox username and password through the App, or when attempting to view any or all content?

    Please confirm if the channel plays fine for you on the Cox Contour App and on your TV at home.

  • I am experiencing the same issue. I have no problems watching over a laptop, but I get the message when I log in the MSNBC app.

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    Pop-up appears after a minute or so on iPad.  Happens whether I update Cox permission or just wait for Cox logo to appear on app home page before selecting live TV. 

    Plays fine on TV.  Uninstalled Contour app after installing on phone because it wants to access files (not gonna happen!)  

    Seems to work OK on iPad Contour app, but not as convenient to access as via the app directly.  OK workaround in the short term though.

  • Apcsmith, what version of the Contour app are you using on your iPad? (The version number is located in the Settings menu.)

    Aslteacher74, you stated you get the error when logging into the MSNBC app. Do you get the same error when using the Contour app?
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    I'm having the same problem on my iPhone. It had happened occasionally in the past, now happens constantly. no problem on my TV or computer, just the iPhone and iPad. The contour app (ver works fine on the iPhone, no error.
  • kathym7788

    Please try removing the app and then re-adding it. You can reach back out here and let us know if that worked.

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    I’ve had the same problem that just started about a week ago. I’ve removed and replaced App and still not resolved. Contour works at home but MSNBC app does not work at home or away. Same error message. I’ve used MSNBC App many times for years and no problem until just recently.  

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    I already stated I uninstalled and re-installed the app, no help.  Hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but is this a way to get people to use the Contour app instead of the MSNBC app?  Hmmm...

    Or is this our first indication of the result of the death of net neutrality?