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5 years ago

letter of complaint

Today I discovered that  $200 was taken from my bank  account. I never authorized this payment. It was said to have been taken out on 9/1/19 and that it was through the phone. I was 3000 miles away from home on vacation and never authorized any payment. The only payment I authorized was on 8/26/19 for 181.99. I was on the phone/texting since i saw this charge on my account from 7am- 1:30pm  desperately  trying to get a refund. I was told that it would take 10 business days.  I tried to explain my financial needs and that this overdrafted my account.  A  mistake was made and no money should have ever been taken from my account. No one cared. I called my bank and explained everything and they are starting a claim to get my money back by tomorrow.  I NEVER AUTHORIZED ANY PAYMENT. I NEVER SET UP ANY KIND OF PAYMENT FOR THE FUTURE. I NEVER CALLED AND MADE ANY PAYMENT ON 9/1/19. I ONLY PAY ON A MONTH TO  MONTH BASIS AND ONLY ONLINE. NO ONE CALLED TO MAKE THIS PAYMENT TOWARDS MY ACCOUNT AS MY BILL WAS ALREADY PAID IN FULL ON 8/26/19. 

It is so outrageous that no one bothered to look into my account to see who called to make this payment. Could it be that someone else called and gave the incorrect account information so it was taken out of my account instead of theirs? No answers because no one did any kind of research into this issue. It is despicable that it would take 10 business days for a refund when someone calls and it is clearly some kind of fraud or mistake. I asked if they could see what phone number called to make this payment? Nope can't look into it.  Not a single person from the 5 i spoke to over text or on the phone including a supervisor cared that a mistake was made that could potentially involve 2 of their customers.  So if you made a payment on 9/1/19 of $200 for your bill i was charged and you were not. Good luck trying to get someone to help you.  

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    Hi Youngkrazz, we deeply apologize for the frustrating experience, and we'd like to look into this inquiry further. To get started, can you please email us at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator