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3 years ago

Issue - Contour App on iPad takes me to University Sign In automatically

Contour App on iPad takes me to University Sign In. I have residential service. The app worked before, but I had to reset my iPad. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app many times. Also called into tech support and she was no help after about an hour, she said she has no idea what to do. Can anybody help?

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    It appears you clicked the wrong Sign-In.


    How do I set up the app for the first time?

    Download the Contour app from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store

    If you're using Android, please clear the browser cache in device settings before moving onto the next step

    Open the app and tap Get Started

    Log into Contour using your Cox account credentials or tap University Sign In if you are a student and receive service through your university.  If applicable, select your university.

    Enter a name for your device and tap Continue

    Swipe right or tap the top-left icon to open the main menu to navigate the app