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11 months ago

iPad App Closed Captioning Enables automatically when buffering

If the contour app on iPadOS has to buffer, once the channel feed comes back closed captions are enabled.  Is there a way to submit a bug report so that can be fixed?

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  • Hi Themikeb, I've not heard of this issue, but I certainly want to investigate further. Does this happen regardless of TV channel or time of day? Are you watching content when connected to your home network, or when you are connected to a network outside your home? If connected to your home network, are their other devices utilizing bandwidth at the same time? (For example, are there others in the home streaming video or gaming online when the Contour App buffers.) If you haven't done so already, please uninstall the Contour App, reset/reboot the iPad, and install the Contour App from iTunes. If the symptoms continue, please email your full name and address to Please also include the model of your iPad and the iPad's current iOS. We'll get to the bottom of this for your! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator