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2 years ago

I have no Internet service and I'm unable to resolve this issue on my account...

When I attempt to register for online access I get the following message:

"We're sorry, but it appears that the account that you logged in with is associated with a Cox Account that is no longer active or activation has not yet completed. If you have recently moved or transferred your service, you will need to contact Customer Care in order to link your new account to the username and password you logged in with."

We added internet to the service residence and removed the phone. This gave me a second account number. I am not able to establish a new account for the address as the system recognizes that I already have an account. When I access the existing account I receive the above error message. 

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    Sounds like the 2nd account isn't active. I would contact Sales by phone and see if they can activate it.

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    Have them transfer you cox ID's from the old account to the new account.