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6 years ago

Homelife Mobile App - No notifications showing on my iPhone for "motion" on cameras

I have 3 Homelife cameras and have set up rules for "sound" notifications for any motion on those cameras.  My iPhone app does not report any notifications, play a sound, or let me know in any way about motion.  Under iOS Settings -> Notifications, there is not even an option for Cox Homelife notification settings.

Anyone have any ideas?

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  • Hi Craigsbills, the Homelife mobile app was recently updated. Ensure you have Homelife app version 9.1.1 or later. Access the Homelife notification settings via the Contacts menu. After signing in to the Cox Homelife App, tap the More menu on the Overview screen and then select Contacts. Non-Emergency contacts receive notifications about automated system activities when rules are triggered. For instructions on editing or adding to your Homelife contacts, refer to the Cox Support article at Please let us know if these steps help you to activate the types of notifications you're looking for. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator