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5 years ago

Homelife apps

Does Cox realize that the clock app was an excellent disguise for a security system. The fact that they took shows they are not concerned about their customers, only a dollar in their pockets.

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    I will add that the desktop online access is no longer supported. I accessed my homelife portal on my desktop but have an error with the touch panel. I then called c/s and the tech told me that the online access is end of life and no longer supported. We will need to always use our phone or touch panel to access the portal.

    I find this disappointing in that it is much easier to do any programming from a desktop that navigating the phone app. The new phone app is also disappointing in its design. The design should have input from end users. Just my two cents.

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    Hi jjacks19358, our Homelife app was recently upgraded, and the third-party apps are not compatible with the new platform. We understand that removing the apps has been rather inconvenient for some customers, and Cox is constantly working on product enhancements with the intention of improving the customer experience. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator