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5 years ago

Homelife App Rule

Is it possible to create a Rule that changes the Homelife status to Away or Home?  I'm thinking it would be nice to automate this instead of having to manually log in to the app and change it twice a day just for your work schedule.  

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  • If you typically leave/get home at the same time everyday you can use the 'Security Arm/Disarm on Schedule' and set it for a specific time.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator

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      I don't have a Security Arm/Disarm option that I know of.  I have only a few "smart" devices and they are managed via the Homelife app.  I'm just looking for way to automatically set that system status to Away to activate those rules that are in place....primarily for the camera.    

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        What I am referring to can be done by clicking the automation button on the bottom of the homelife app. At the bottom of the next screen, click on 'Create Rule'. From there you can create your own rule or the one that I referenced is at the very bottom.

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