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5 months ago

Homelife app is gone?!?

Just got off of the phone with support about removing old cameras from the Homelife app. Despite spending hours on the issue with other techs before they assigned it to a higher level the answer is apparently that the app isn’t used anymore so just go ahead and ignore it. Just uninstall it. The web page to view the cameras is long gone. Now the SPECIFIC app is gone. So the only way to view the cameras is using the tv or the panoramic WiFi app. The panoramic app isn’t totally an admin app but it has the higher level functionality - FAR MORE than should be accessible just to look at the cameras.

So now when my seven year old wants to see what the kitty cat is doing when he’s at daycare he’s going to be signing in with billing / main system user account (which will now have to use a simple password despite holding my credit card info) he can also go ahead and restart the gateway, play with port forwarding (which might be particularly enticing since it contains a list of game titles), etc. 

I must be misunderstanding something - is that the new procedure? 

And when I am looking through CURRENT support articles I see references and even screenshots of the app. And there are troubleshooting instructions that actually open the very app that is installed on my phone…



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  • Hello, although you can use the Panoramic WiFi app to view your homelife cameras.  If still having concerns using the Homelife mobile app.  Please reach us on Twitter at CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email by at anytime for assistance. We are always happy to help.