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6 years ago

Home life app idea

So I got hooked up with the homelife app today along with a WiFi lightbulb to go along with it. My problem that I would like to see addressed is the ability to set that light to automatically turn off after being on for a certain period of time. Since IFTTT is not an option yet the least you all can do is adda simple option like that in the app.



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  • Hi JerodT, I believe you can define the action that you want using what are called "Scenes" and "Rules" within the Homelife app. Let's say you want to turn your WiFi lightbulb off after 2 hours when your security system is set to Armed Away. To begin, open the Homelife mobile app and tap the Automation button to access the Automation Menu. To create a new Rule, tap the + sign on the Automation page. Tap Rules. Choose a trigger to start the automation. Example trigger: when my security system status changes, do XYZ. Follow the screens to define each setting for the new Rule. Review all the parameters and then tap Save. If you aren't able to program exactly what you're looking for using Rules, try using the Scenes function. To create a new Scene, tap the + sign on the Automation page. Tap Scenes. Tap Create Custom. Tap the pencil icon to enter a Name and select an icon for the new scene. Tap Add to Overview to include this scene on the Overview page. Select a device or devices to be included in the scene. (You'd select your WiFi lightbulb.) Follow the screens to set up the actions for each device. You might need to play around with the options available for the WiFi lightbulb. Then, review all of the scene parameters and tap Save. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator