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4 years ago


I pay for HBOMAX but cannot download the app on my Samsung smart TV. The app does not appear as an option. The only way I have access is through a computer. How can I access it on my tv? I have looked for it under the Apps and it is not there.

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    It sounds like Samsung may not be offering this app for their TV's yet. It might be helpful to contact Samsung support to inquire further if there are any options to help.

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    @slerner, if you have the Cox cable box with the remote you can talk to you can simply press the microphone button and then say HBOMAX. It will open the app on your TV using the Cox cable box. 

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      I've tried speaking "HBOMAX" but it takes to the contour screen to purchase the service.  I already have the subscription, so do I have to pay extra for an app?  How do you download the app to the TV?

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        I have the same problem.  I have a HULU and and HBO account at another location but COX doesn't seems to block all streaming channels, unless you're paying for it with COX.  Can they legally do that?  Sick of watching those channels on my IPAD.

  • Cox does not offer the hboMax app “yet.” LG does not support the hboMax app at all. I have to use my fire stick or Roku to get many apps including hboMax. Someone said Samsung offers it??? I may be getting a new tv.

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      Why get a new TV?  You're doing it right by using a device engineered to stream.  The chipsets in TV sets and cable-boxes are inferior.  Roku, however, is not only solely designed to stream...but it streams well.

      I've got an old Roku...4200X...but it stream way better than my TV or Contour.