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4 years ago

Getting HBO Max Free as Cox subscriber

Please  help.  HBO Max is free to Cox subscribers who have HBO, right?  That's me, along with all the other premium channels I pay for, plus internet.  HBO Max is even listed on my bill.  I hope I am not being charged for it, because a cost is not itemized next to where it shows HBO Max.  I hear that it is free if we have HBO.  Anyway, I'm trying to launch the app.  When I go to HBO Max on my Sony Bravia 4K TV, it asks "Already an HBO/HBO Max Subscriber? - click to launch app."   When I click launch app,  I then see ""If you get HBO through Cox Subscriber, , sign in through TV or mobile provider in Sign In Screen (below) and  then choose Cox as my provider and sign in with Primary Cox ID."  But when I click on Sign In, there is no Cox provider to choose and thus, no Cox sign in.  When I click on Sign In, it just provides a code  and  states to go HBO in and type in the code.  I am stopping before doing that on my computer because I don't understand how to get to the place where I choose Cox Provider.and sign in with my Cox user name and password.  I know this must be simple and I'm complicating it.  I'm just confused.  Please help me through this process.  I have two Smart 4K TVs and a third oldie not so smart.   

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    Hi @TVAddict

    If you subscribe to HBOMax through your Contour package there is no extra cost to sign into HBOMax app. Once that you get that code on your TV. Then on your computer or smartphone, go to Once you are there click on 'Sign in through TV or Mobile Provider'. Then choose COX as your provider, enter your Cox username and password on the next screen. Then enter the code that is on your TV screen.

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