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6 years ago

future recording (next week)

How do I set a future recording using the Contour app?

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  • Hi Cajunfla, the Contour App does not yet have the capability to program a DVR recording. However, you can program a DVR recording using the Cox Connect App! Learn more at -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Cox Connect app only shows "Today" and "Tomorrow".  Doesn't help to set recording for several days away.  Is Cox even working on this problem?  DirecTV has had this feature for several YEARS!!

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        @ Cajunfla

        That feature is available just take a few steps. Set a reminder about an upcoming program and/or schedule a DVR recording by tapping a program in the TV Listings. DVR recordings require a DVR subscription. Also, check the link for more information

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