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5 years ago

Fox news activation

Official fox news Activation website just spins. Does not allow a code to be entered. Shame on fox news. They need to hire experts from CNN and msmbc to right the digital ship. Always an issue. Frustrated as hell.

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  • Hi Orcaspyhop,

    What device are you using to activate Fox News? Are you attempting to activate the Fox News app or Fox News live stream? Are you able to choose your provider before the website spin or the does it spin after choosing your provider?

    Maria L.
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      It spins on all types .roku, android, apple and amazon fire. This is for live feed. I'm trying to get the live stream on a TV with fire stick. Using my phone to get code, it's spinning immediately when you choose your device. 3 days now.

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        Hello, can you please include a link to this forum thread and email us at We'd like to try and replicate the issue, so we can decide on the next course of action. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    I doubt you'd logon directly to a FNC server but instead a Content Delivery Provider (CDN) of Fox News.  Of course, if Fox New hosted their own enterprise CDN, yes, I'd blame them.  I don't believe they do.

    A lot of people report problems streaming Fox News...or should I write, a lot of people want to shutdown or censure Fox News.