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7 years ago

FireTV, Roku, etc. to watch Contour

The last I read was to wait for 2017 for updates.  Well 2017 has come and gone and 2019

will be hear soon.

You must have some good news to report by now otherwise I would start firing the people

who develop the apps.


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    If FireTV and Roku offered Contour, you wouldn't rent a box from Cox.  That might be the answer.

    FireTV is open-source and third-party developers have created Android Packages with Contour.  Meaning, you'd be at the mercy of said developers to keep updating the package.  Roku, however, is close-source and only supports apps written in its own BrightScript.  That'd be a licensing agreement between Roku and Comcast.

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      Well I think that's the idea not to have to rent their cable box to save money.

      Xfinity is already doing this with the Roku.  I found this on their site.

      Xfinity Stream Beta App on Roku FAQs

      Have questions about the Xfinity Stream Beta app on Roku? We're here to help.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      What is the Xfinity Stream Beta app on Roku?
      It's a new app that is in Beta trial that allows Xfinity TV customers to access their Xfinity TV cable service, including live and On Demand programming as well as cloud DVR recordings, on a Roku streaming device or Roku TV.
      I think with Amazon being the provider for the FireTV/stick I would say it would be supported
      ln fact maybe better than the Roku since Amazon is most likely in a better financial position.
      COX has always been behind the 8 ball concerning new ideas maybe some greed too.
      I think the future of cable will be via the internet using streaming boxes.  Competition
      can kick in and pricing will change.  There are several companies now selling programing
      and more to come.  COX at some point will have to throw the towel in for the streaming boxes
      or loose customers.  As it is now with a FireTV or Roku you can download many of the popular
      app like Showtime, HBO, EPIX and more provided you subscribe to them.  They also
      work anywhere there is internet.
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        I agree.  Renting cable boxes is archaic and purely for revenue (greed).  At one time, if you wanted phone service, you HAD to rent telephones from the phone company.  To ensure you were renting, the phone company would send inspectors into your neighborhood to measure line-voltage levels for any unauthorized telephones.  The FCC ended that mandate.

        Nowadays, if you want cable TV, you will rent a box and to ensure you're renting a box, they'll encrypt the signal.  It'd be nice if the FCC ended the same mandate to allow us buy your own box.

        The only thing cable TV has going for it is its separate distribution network.  If we could buy our own box, it'd not only be Amazon getting into the TV game...but Google, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Onkyo...  Shopping for cable boxes would be like shopping for features on an AVR:  DVR, streamer, browser, media server, Alexa, call blocker, universal remote, etc.

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    Hi KenKK, We have not received any information about Contour being supported on FireTV, Roku and other platforms. We appreciate your interest and have shared it with the Contour team. Mary F. Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    Roku support is way overdue. I am moving from TWC to a Cox neighborhood and TWC has had excellent Roku support for years. It's absolutely ridiculous that there is still no support today.