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7 years ago

Email while on foreign travel

Recently traveled to Canada from USA and found that I could receive Cox email (using Outlook on Win10), but I could not send. How do I prevent that from happening the next time I travel?

I ended up using WebMail, but found I would have to log in to local network, navigate to Cox, log into WebMail.  This is very disruptive when I am working with others who are naturally sending/receiving emails realtime, without all the hassle of navigating to WebMail.

Thx, Eric

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  • eric929

    I can certainly understand your frustration with this issue. Sadly, this is a security measure that has been put in place to protect you and your valuable and private information


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

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      Thanks for your prompt answer.  

      I think there should be much more customer-focused solutions, but I at least I understand the current situation.

      Could you put something expicitly stating the policy somewhere in the Cox customer support FAQ's?

      I spent many hours in a foreign hotel late at night trying to make it work, calling Cox tech support, checking port settings and security settings, being told I needed to check with my hotel tech support, etc.  All of this run-around could have been avoided for me and other people by a clear statement of what to expect when travelling to foreign countries on the Cox customer support self-help guides.

      Clearly an "opportunity for improvement".   Eric

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        Hi Eric 929, we appreciate your feedback and have shared it with the leadership team.