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3 months ago

Email transition a complete farce

Note - this was posted in a response to another thread, thought I'd copy to a new one.

May 4th - attempted to set up as per instructions.  Went to Yahoo, entered my username but thus far every single attempt to create a password (dozens) have been met with error messages, even when I get approval on the password.  This is unacceptable.

When I decided to leave a post here (never have before) I needed to sign up - Cox sent a verification email to my address which has not shown up at all, I had to revert to a gmail address I never use.  It would appear that as of my transition attempt my mail is now broken.  This is beyond unacceptable.  The primary email I've used for over 20 years is suddenly down, and I have no idea how many mails I've missed.  Changing providers and then informing some hundreds of regulars of that change is beyond inconvenient, and enters into legally actionable territory.

Later today when I've cooled down a bit I'll take another whack at Yahoo - if results are the same 2 things will happen - 

  • I'll transition email to another provider and began the above process of informing hundreds of contacts.
  • I'll begin the search (brief, there are many) for a new service provider overall.

Then on Monday I'll have a little chat w/my legal dept, have them look into the possibilities. 

I am beyond disappointed in Cox.

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    UPDATE - Ok, I've at least gotten signed in to Yahoo mail - good thing, several mission critical mails were there, not getting thru to my local hosts.  But they are NOT getting thru - what should server settings be for my local apps?  I use Thunderbird on desktop, BlueMail on various devices.  I'll ask this question on it's own thread for visibility.