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6 years ago

email spam

over the last few months SPAM is ridiculous!!! The emails are obvious SPAM. I report them as SPAM and they keep coming in slighty different forms. why can't cox do something

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      Hi Dickandmaryfleming, you can report an email as spam using Cox Webmail, without even opening the email. Log into Place a check-mark in the box to the left of the spam email. To mark the email as spam, click on the Mark As Spam icon at the top of the page (next to the trash can icon). (Note, if there are no check boxes displayed, click on the View drop-down menu and then click "Folder View".) If you have opened an email that needs to be marked as spam, click on the hamburger icon (3 horizontal bars) and choose Mark As Spam. To learn more, visit and -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Becky's solution is worthless - we've all been doing exactly that for months now. Cox email NEVER learns what is and isn't spam from this reporting tool. You will need to look into your own solutions or set up your own email filters on your email account.

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        I’ve been getting at least 20-25 spam a day with the same titles!! It’s not catching anything anymore I’ve tried everything and it shouldn’t have to take an hour of my time to try everything every day. Then I blocked them and my folder they tell me is full one time I emptied it and then it got even worse!! Now it’s full again. Really they arnt catching anything anymore I’ve so had it....and we also canceled our landline after having a phone in the house for 43 years all day long it rang and rang. I’ve had it my daughter has gmail and she rarely gets a spam if they can do it why can’t cox!!