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7 years ago

Deleting Emails

Is there a quick way to delete emails in blocks, AND make sure they are actually deleted?   I have 15,000 emails and can't seem to get rid of them.   When I mark emails for deletion, they look like they are deleting, but then re-appear.   Or, after I delete about 40 emails, I get a message that says the emails can't be deleted because my trash is full.   Or, I encounter the check mark problem noted below where emails that I don't want deleted get deleted because they get checked.   This is beyond ridiculous.   I am sure this is happening to others, and if so, it has to be an incredible waste of server space.  I would LOVE to delete all extraneous emails, but Cox is making this next to impossible.    Please come up with a solution to this problem.   Thanks!

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  • Hi Jamayer. Check out, which is best after deselecting the checkboxes under the View Option that is below the pictures of the bell and gear that is located on the blue strip on the right-side of the screen. Thanks, Lisa Cox Support Forums Moderator