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5 years ago

Cox Wifi App

does anyone who uses the app for kids' wifi shutoff at night know how they are still able to access Youtube with their internet shut down?

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    all you're shutting down is wi-fi....they're using the cell network.

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    What do you want to do is log directly into the panoramic modem (192.168.0... etc) as Admin and completely shut off access to those devices, you can easily create a filter that includes only their devices, then you activate the filter before going to bed, turn it back on in the morning. I don’t think there is a timer. But somebody else mentioned that they could also be using cellular data. Kids are pretty smart, they will figure ways around whatever you can do with the app but if you totally shut down Internet to the device at the firmware level, they can’t get around that. Unless they hack into the panoramic modem settings panel.

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      have you actually done this or is this theoretical info??