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2 months ago

COX to Yahoo

I am confused if I have to do anything at my end for this change. 

I have my COX account also forwarding emails to my gmail account.    Will

this continue to happen?



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  • Hi, Ken. Although I cannot confirm this, you may have to re-enable email forwarding after the transition. All currently available information can be found at but at this time we don't have any dates confirmed. Customers will begin receiving email communications 60 days prior to migration. I hope this helps. 

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        I don't use Outlook and what I currently have been doing is forwarding all my COX mail

        to GMAIL.   This required me to configure the COX webmail to forward the mail

        then tell the COX mail where to forward it.    From my reading it appears Yahoo will

        forward mail but I believe they will charge you for it which is another disappointment

        going with Yahoo.

        Example: if I understand what's suppose to happen.   Someone sends me an email to

        That will now go to Yahoo mail server.  I don't care for Yahoo and I would like the Yahoo server to forward it to GMAIL.    If I understand what I have read and I am hope I am wrong, Yahoo wants to charge to forward any mail going to Yahoo to another mail provider.