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6 years ago

Cox poorly trained sales people regarding contour flex

  • Cox needs to train there solutions experts at their stores to better understand that contour flex does not work on roku, fire stick, or Apple TV. I clearly asked this question today and was told it would work on my roku and Apple TV. Got home and was greatly disappointed that the only way I could watch on my tub was to buy a cable box or I guess hook up my computer to the tv. Very upset and disappointed by Cox in this regard. Why would I purchase this service if I can’t watch it on my tv? Seems pretty obviously if I were a sales person for cox.

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    Thanks you for providing that feedback. I will send that to the correct party to look into this. We do appreciate at the feedback as well.

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    Well all there people needs a lots of training andthey have to follow up every day with the new things that comes up and things that are posted on there website support tells me we never had Unlimited DATA where it is posted that if you signed on to Cox One Gigablast befit September the 26 of 2017 you are on Inlimited DATA plan . But when ever I chat online with Cox it talk over the phone they tell me we never had something like this so that shows you how untrained these people are they do not know there own stuf and I point them to where it’s posted but they still don’t know and argue with you . I just have to go to there store waste my time to show them that o am on this plan where Cox reps are telling me that I have to add a $49.99 per month to have it . I just can’t beleave people can be so stupid as when I signed I agreed to switch  to it just because of that and the reason I am coming up with this that someone in my area was using my WI-FI where last month I was high up to %85!where I never exceed %75 but then starting my new cycle I was in two days on 239GB of usage where I did not open my internet So I changed my password and now I am ok . Beware Cox doesn’t care about you getting hacked they tell you we do not support WI -FI  and they will not remove it . So if it gets to a point that they are getting on my nerves I will disconnect my service go to Centry Link with slower speeds but get them off my back and my price will be $25- a max of $45.00 per month for life price never changes .I am trying to resolve this issue if not resolved after me being a customer for 5 years I will say bye bye I am a disabled had many issues with my health and do not need more from Cox and there very untrained employees hooe someone fromCox will read this and contact me to resolve this issue . I never go over my DATA not even close to the 1025gb every month but it is just I need to get what I was promised fate is fare .