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5 years ago

Cox Connect phone tools

(I also posted this in the phone tools section)

I used the Cox Connect app for checking my call history. Even though the time stamps were off (I don't know which time zone they use), I could at least see the history. Today, when I tried to use the Phone Tools app to check call history or change my phone settings (e.g., call forwarding), it sent me to a web page where it asked me to log in.

If I have to go to a web page, I might as well do it directly. So I deleted the app as phone tools were the only use I had for it.

Oh, and I did log in to the web page the app sent me to . It had my incorrect ZIP Code, and said "we do not offer service in your zip code [sic]. So the app is worse than useless if all it's going to do is send me to a wrong link.

Since customers can no longer send emails or fill out forms to provide feedback, I called Cox. The rep said he is no longer able to send feedback to Cox either.

Maybe I'll write a letter.

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