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2 years ago

COX app for Firetv, Roku

Just watched a youtube about Xfinity in CT. offering a app for Roku and Amazon FireTV.

I have been asking for this for 5 years now.   COX, are we getting any closer to offering this?

Cable is getting to expensive and saving on box rental could make the difference

of terminating some of the programming.


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      Possibly but its pain to have to use. The quality of the video is not as good as a cable box or what

      I have seen that Spectrum in Florida offers it's customers for a Roku app.  The app works

      really good and at least for Spectrum in Florida as well as Xfinity in CT, the

      data used is not considered streaming data.

      This is really a good thing for customers.  It could make the difference between cancelling some

      of the channels.   I wonder what makes one cable company happy to offer this service and

      another like COX not.  

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        I think it's addiction to that sweet sweet box rental money. If Comcast did it I think Cox will follow within the year.