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4 years ago

Contour App on Roku or Firestick

When we first signed up for Cox we were told we could get the contour app on Roku or Firestick or any other streaming device by the salesman. Turns out that was false. I keep seeing that Cox is working on it but there is no update. Every other major cable provider has this service so it's asinine that Cox still will not produce this. Is there an update on if this? Customers should not be required to watch recorded TV on their phones or computers or tablets because Cox can't seem to listen to their large customer base. 

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    Due to DRM limitations and restrictions in our contracts with the TV networks, we are unable to support viewing on external devices at this time.

    Jonathan J
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      You may want to tell your sales agents to stop telling people otherwise then because that's false information and very misleading. And again insane how every other major cable company has this feature and service but you. I'm just annoyed I was promised something that seems to be clearly never going to happen. 

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        I agree Spectrum has had this for years. I recommend youtube tv or Hulu live tv as it has all of this. YouTube tv also gives you free cloud DVR unlimited