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5 years ago

Contour 2 and Amazon Prime

I have had issues using the contour 2 remote and using amazon prime. Sometimes for no reason I get movies ordered or subscription trials added to my prime account. If I do not use the contour 2 remote and use the TV remote to watch prime I do not have the ordering issue with prime. 

Again no issue using the TV remote but the contour 2 remote there is an issue. Has anyone else had this problem? This is not a prime issue or it would happen using both remotes. Never had the problem before setting up the contour 2 boxes.

The movie rented were random. Stuff I wouldn't rent. The subscription trials for Showtime etc are random. I am very careful to what I click on. Amazon Prime has been good in crediting me back.

I just cannot use the contour 2 for streaming. So what good is it?

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  • Curious pballard3....I use my Contour2 remote to order/play my Prime Watchlist all the time.  I also add/delete items to the same Watchlist. So your issue of having random rentals when using the remote is terrible.  I find that I cannot use my Sony TV remote to access any internet Apps.  Since my HDMI is hooked to the COX Dvr, the TV remote cannot access shows passed thru by COX.

    I also many times go onto the Prime thru the PC site to add to Watchlist and maintain the shows.  When you use the PC Prime, do you also get random selections.  Meaning, do you pick something and get a totally different show both thru the PC and Apps of the remote?  Does playing the Trailers also get the wrong ones?

    You also mention Showtime Apps are random...huh... shows you Remotely select get a totally different one.  I go to my currently free Starz with no issue.  Maybe your remote needs to be re-synced with your TV or the DVR needs hard booting.