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3 years ago

Constant Outages after Ida in Metairie

I live in the Kenner/Metairie area and since power was restored, we have Cox services (internet and cable) for a few hours a day and then it continually goes out in the area for 12-16 hours.  I understand that we went through a major hurricane, but what I don't understand is what is happening.  If services are there for half the day, why are they disappearing for the other half of the day?  Each time I call, either the customer service reps have  no knowledge of the outage in the area (which is very concerning because how can it be fixed if no one knows it exists) or they have no idea why it is out.  I just want to know as I am now trying to complete 3 weeks of work since I couldn't be online, what the issue is and when it is expected to be repaired for good.  No one can tell me.  The other night, after pushing the tech, she said they are repairing external lines in the area.  I am pretty certain that Cox is not sending techs in the middle of the night to repair physical lines.  Most days though, they just say that no one tells them why the outages happen for 12-16 hours per day and when this is expected to be repaired.  Anyone else having this issue?  I am beyond frustrated with Cox and their inability to inform us as to what their plan is for complete restoration or even the extent of what is actually happening. Tired of the "canned" texts that say we are the highest priority while the actual people working the service desk have zero clue.