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4 years ago

Amazon Prime Video not recognizing Prime Membership

I registered my Cox devices with Amazon but when I try to watch anything in Prime Video App it says I need to sign up for Prime. I am a Prime Member so I should have full access to Prime Video. I contacted Amazon, they did some troubleshooting, said it was a Cox issue. I contacted Cox they didn't even try any trouble shooting said it was an Amazon issue and I needed to contact them. Any ideas?!?!

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  • First, log on to PC and Prime and see if you can watch a movie.  Then go to the COX app for Prime.  If I remember, there was some sort of handshake, like a password that needs to be entered on the TV screen.  I've forgotten the details but you can try HERE

    I set up My watchlist either thru the PC Amazon or thru the COX App for Prime.  Not too bad.  The PC is faster at scrolling the various themes rather than the remotes scroll and page buttons.  I'm not sure if the TV uses the hardwired internet or Wifi, obviously it needs one.