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Added DIY iControl Camera not showing up in iOS application..


I added by, DIY, an iControl 1000 camera on our Homelife Android station without any issues. The camera shows up and I see video. I went to my iOS application to view my added camera, and it does NOT show up.

Here are the instructions I followed:

I have done all the following:

1. Rebooted the router security hub and the Android security console, NO change.

2. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the COX Homelife iOS application, NO change.

3. It has been over a week, and the added camera on the Android console still works, but NOT on iOS.

On my iOS applications screen, More >> Manage Devices, I have NO way to install a camera there as by the following link:

On the iOS application I do not have "Add Devices." in the screen "Manage Devices". So I can not add a camera there, in iOS.

Any help in how to get an added camera to show up in the iOS application, would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, MarkInAZ