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6 years ago

Ability to watch recorded shows in Contour, when????

The last post about this was in 2013. Is this ever going to be added to Contour? Also, the ability to record a show from the app. When I had Comcast all of those features were available with the same interface. I am paying the same as I was for Comcast with less features. When is this coming? It's 2018, people. 

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      this is the most frustrating and deceptive co ever. who ever heard of having to pay additional to record? its usually a feature that comes with it. the on demand picks and chooses which episodes you can even see. might have season one and two but skips 3,4,5  also skips episodes in a season - can see episode one two but three might say shown at a future date then you can go to the next one maybe - so u skip episodes but you are told you can see them later   makes no sense

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        The dvr service is considered a separate service compared to our other video services. If you have additional account related questions, please send us an email with your full name, address, and all additional questions to 

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