Recent Intermittent Outage. Looking to change to new modem.

Dear Cox,

In recent weeks, I've noticed intermittent service outages or intermittent slow down when I try to view Youtube/Netflix. 

I have an older Cisco 3010 (8x4 channels) cable modem.  I'm thinking to upgrade to either CM500 (16x4), CM600 (24x8) or the CM700 (32x8).

I have the Cox Preferred 100.  Most of my devices and TV at home are hardwired using cat5e.  

I'm looking for more stable connections, and speed that utilizes as much of the bandwidth that is available to me.

Which cable modem do you recommend?  I've seen some forum posts that says to stay away from the CM700.  If there are past issues, I'm not sure if the issue has been fixed.  I'm looking to utilize a 32 channel modem since I've heard it provides more stable/consistent speed.

Thank you for your help!

Peter Lin

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