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(GAMING) We need a plan of action — Upstream Packet Loss (COX Com ISP)

Hey all, for those unaware, explanation of issue at end of post.

Many of us are struggling with extreme amounts of packet loss through COX, we need to come up with some sort of plan for action.

Some ideas (And I’m completely serious here):

  1. Coordinate time to peacefully protest at their corporate office

  2. As a group, continually post on their forum

  3. Anytime a COX truck is seen, pull up and chat with the techs to remind them of the issue (individual rather than group task)

  4. Coordinate FCC complaint for viral effect

  5. Class action lawsuit (Does anyone know if we can sue considering repeal of net neutrality laws?  It is clear that COX is violating their own prerogative of following the old rules)

I’m sure there are many competitive gamers on COX who would coordinate with us. Any Amazon AWS game experiences this packet loss. Additionally, many of us don’t have the option of switching ISPs.

This issue has been ongoing for roughly a year with no signs of being solved. This issue is affecting MANY players.

Very interested to hear your thoughts 

Explanation of issue: Most COX Com subscribers experience massive amounts of upstream packet loss while playing games that use Amazon’s AWS servers. One of the most notable effects is (in Fortnite) often times your first shot with any shotgun does not register, however, you see the hit marks. Roughly ~1/8 of shots don’t register. The issue has been ongoing for a year, and COX has shown no effort to solve. They’ll charge you $70 for a tech to come out who can’t diagnose the problem (as the problem is deep within COXs routing mechanisms). Competitive gaming on COX is extremely discouraging, and many of us can’t switch ISPs for whatever reason (bandwidth etc).