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Why is gigablast running so slow?

Just upgraded to gigablast. installed new Arris modem as per Cox directions. It has been running a couple of days, but when I run the speed tool, the upload speed is only 37.2 Mbps upload and 601 Mbps download. Why am I not getting 1gig up and down?

  • @Mlfulton73

    Gigablast service is provisioned at 35Mbps upload so it sounds like that speed is correct. As for the download, can you try connecting a computer directly to the modem and testing?

  • Wish you luck - I'm on my 4th technician tomorrow. Went from 150-300-Gigablast and my speeds improved from 150 to 280 at best. Ever since the outage occurred twice over the last week, my service hasn't been the same. (Southwest Las Vegas).

  • I think you confused Gigablast fiber with Gigablast DOCSIS 3.1. Only fiber has the gigabit upload speed, and they aren't rolling out fiber anymore as far as I know.

  • Hi Mlfulton73, your modem metrics are very poor, almost as if an extraneous line filter left over from the days of analog video is impacting your network signal. I suggest a service call. If you'd like my team to help you schedule a service call, email us at Be sure to include your full name, address, and a link to this thread in your email. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
  • Upgraded to Gigablast. Bought the modem at the cox store. Ran a speed test before and after. Its slower than the 3.0 modem. Tech came over and measured of the coax that I was getting the advertised speed. Hooked up my brand new Mac to the modem directly and was showing 150/28. Tech was no help.