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Arris TM3204 Problem.

 I recently had my phone service changed to VoIP. They installed an Arris TM3204 modem.

The phone works fine but my internet keeps going down. The modem is connected to an Archer C8 Router. Within the first week the I had 6 no internet issues. The status lights on the modem indicated that the internet was connected. Power cycling the modem would bring it back.

The last time I noticed that the router was telling me "cable disconnected". I replaced the cable with no success.

Cox did a truck roll for the problem and the field tech didn't have a clue. He replaced the modem with a different one. It just did the same thing this AM. Router says cable not connected.

I connected direct to my PC and the PC said no connection. Power cycling the modem fixes it. Obviously there is something flakey with the ethernet port on this modem.

Any body else experience this or have any ideas?

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  • I would suggest updating the firmware here. According to TP-Link, the latest for the Archer C8 v1 is 20160517 Rel.44603. You are running 20150518 Rel.38024n. is not a valid IP, but a IP Cox uses for there walled garden, which disables your internet. This isn't the normal DHCP process. The router should only release the IP if the DHCP server doesn't agree to the renew. 

    Also, what ethernet port on the back of the TM3204 are you using? If your not using port 1, that could be complicating the DHCP renew process. TM3204 is odd that it's a phone modem with 4 ethernet port, which could (but aren't) be used to bond multiple ethernet if Cox ever goes above 1Gbps. I have seen different DHCP cliens react differently to the VLAN detecting system the modem has. For example, some D3.1 modems default to port 1, some to port 2, and some don't care what port you use as long as you power cycle before using it.

    Finally, if you want to get around the forum not posting something, feel free to upload it to and then post the link. This also helps with logs which are wide, because of the small wordwrap constraints of the posts here.