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COX is not forwarding my mail 100%

I have my COX mail configured to forward my mail to my Gmail account.  This used to work 100% until they changed

my COX webmail from  Classic view to whatever they call it now.  Since the change (and I can't get it back to classic)

every once in a while someone will tell me they sent an email to me. I go on COX Webmail and there it is not forward

as configured to do so.  It does not happen all the time but occasional.  I would like to know why this new web mail look

does not forward 100% like the old trust worthy classic look did.  I also would like to say when COX made the change of their

Webmail look, they did not retain my forwarding of mail.  After a week of not getting any mail forward I was shock to see

all the mail on the Coxweb mail site and not forward as it should have been.   I should have been notified to go into the new look

and restore my configuration to forward mail.


  • Hi KenK,

    I am terribly sorry for the frustration and aggravation you have encountered since the launch of the new email platform.  Feedback from our customers is how we grow as a company, whether positive or negative.  I will certainly pass along your comments to our leadership team.  I'd like to gather some information about your forwarding issues.  Please send us an email to  Please be sure to include the URL so that we may identify you.  I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

  • I have had the exact same issue -- some mail does not get forwarded, but from a few of my friends and my husband I am getting everything twice! This just started happening a few weeks ago after the changeover.


  • I sent an email explaining the problem I am still having with COX WEB MAIL not forwarding all incoming mail to my Gmail

    account as configured to do so.    Not sure what you mean by asking me to forward the URL.   Thats usually a website

    link.   As far as contacting me the customer support will see my email address from my email to them.


  • Hi Kenk,

    I believe the requested URL to include in the email was the one to this forums thread.

  • Hi dcdeb,

    I am sorry to hear you are having issues with forwarding and duplicates. To remedy the duplicate emails, we recommend deleting all duplicate emails manually and be sure to remove any pre-existing inbox filters or rules.  Once the filter or rule has been removed, you will need to re-add the desired filters/rules back to the new Cox email platform to eliminate duplicate email messages going forward. This should stop the duplicates.  As for the forwarding difficulty, there is a known problem with customers forwarding from a Cox account to another Cox account.  Are you having issues forwarding to Cox addresses or non - Cox?