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What Optical Network Terminal (ONT) used for Cox Gigablast Internet?

Trying to prepare for Cox Gigablast Internet installation set for early next week and need to learn what Optical Network Terminal (ONT) Cox installs for the Gigablast Internet service?

Need to know the form factor of the ONT enclosure (specifically cable inlet/outlet configurations) so as to configure the existing CATV / DBS / Ethernet weatherproof enclosure on the exterior of the structure to prepare for the addition of the ONT and the cabling. The ONT brand / model / specs (and perhaps a digital picture or URL to specs?) would be very helpful to me at this stage of preparation.

Also, the cable run from the ONT installed on the exterior of the structure to the ACXXXX router inside the structure - is that cable fiber or ethernet?

Many thanks for the help!

  • @jsbatch

    The ONT actually installs inside of the home.  It's small enough to fit in your pocket and is bracketed in place to minimize the chance of damage to the fiber optic line.  From there it will connect Ethernet to the router.

  • Here is a blog on the install process. Here is the Gigablast ONT. Here is data sheet for physical dimensions:

    36.5 mm x 105 mm x 82 mm (1.44 in. x 4.13 in. x 3.22 in. (h x w x d) • Weight: 109 g (0.24 lb), power adapter not included

  • Many thanks for the replies! The information is very helpful!

  • Another clarification would be helpful...


    The distance from the current location where the rigid fiber cable coming from the neighborhood POS terminates at the exterior of the home to the desired location on the exterior of the home where the fiber cable will enter the home to connect to the ONT is ~50 feet. It is my plan for that cable connecting the ONT to run through 0.75" flexible conduit buried alongside the home foundation and enter the home through a weatherproof enclosure attached to the exterior of the home.

    Remaining question for clarification...

    The fiber cable run from the current rigid fiber termination location to the entry point of the home (~50 ft) - is that cable rigid fiber (as coming from the POS) or is it (or can it be?) flexible fiber cable to allow for easier cable pull through the flexible conduit?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

  • @jsbatch

    What actually plugs into the ONT is flexible for practical reasons.  At what point that changes I'm not familiar.  The installer will survey your home and meet with you to discuss all factors involved and determine the best agreed upon location with you.  I believe conduit is involved however your installer will be able to better answer that question.