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IR Extender with Contour 9852HDC Box?

Anyone know of a remote extender (and where I can get it) that works with the Contour Main Unit's IR port?

We just got Contour and I have a long-used Smarthome cabinet IR extender system for all the components in our cabinet, but the Contour unit even with an IR Blaster stuck on the front panel where I believe the IR receiver is - has absolutely horrible response - so bad that it isn't really usable.  

Also is there a manual for that unit online?  I did not get one from the tech.  Or if someone could confirm where the IR sensor is in case that would be great (looks like there are 2 "eyes" in the smoky panel to the right of the display?  I've tried both and can get a response from the box while behind the cabinet but as above - highly inconsistent).

Than you in advance..