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What's Happened to AMC - Las Vegas?

Problem 1:

On Sunday, there was a message that channel 1052 had changed from AMCHD (Eastern feed) to AMCPHD (Pacific feed). My Tivo updated the schedule based on this, but the times the shows were actually on were still the Eastern ones.

Problem 2:

Problem 1 may be fixed, but I don't know. Starting Tuesday, 1052 has been black with the Tivo message, "Searching for a signal on this channel (V52)."  Tried 52 (the non-HD channel). It was blank, too. Resetting the Tivo had no effect.

When will AMC be back on, ideally with everything at the right times for the feed?

  • 52 and 1052 should both be aligned with each other on the West Coast feed for both digital receivers and CableCards, but I'm not getting a response when I query your tuning adapter right now, so there may be a signal problem going on. Are you having problems with any other channels?

  • I had the Tivo on standby or whatever it is called. It's on now.  All other channels are fine.

  • Who's bright idea was it to switch the HD time from Eastern to Pacific time on the AMC channel in Phoenix. I like the fact that I can watch my shows early and not stay up until 10pm. The advantage is if you miss the early show you can watch the pacific time, but clearly no thought was put into this time move...

  • Hello AMC, 

    Nevada is on the western part of the United States and as such, Cox Las Vegas carries the west coast feed of our channels where both an east and west coast feed are available. This provides our customers the appropriate programming in different day parts as the network intended (i.e., TV-MA content airing after 9 p.m. instead of after 6 p.m. locally). When networks were originally launching their HD feeds, generally the networks would launch with only one feed, the east coast feed. In order to provide as many HD channels to our customers as possible, we launched the available HD feeds. Once the HD network offers a west coast feed, we are obligated to move to the west coast feed. We will continue to transition HD channels to west coast feeds are they become available from our programming partners.