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Locking threads clearly points to problems with Cox Support & the Bad Service Overall

Locking threads and telling people that issues must be handled privately shows that Cox has something to hide.

20+ - 10 years ago Cox was a pleasure to do business with. I used cox in both the home & my business. Over the past 10 years service & support has increasingly worsened.

Due to incompetence and illegal actions on the part of Cox. I am filling a complaint with the Arizona Attorney Generals Office of Consumer Protection. All states have such a department, you can also search state consumer protection laws. The State Attorney General cannot do anything unless consumers file complaints.

Clearly the old guard that started Cox and built Cox, is no longer running the show. Bad service, bad support, both of which used to be excellent. If Cox is going to lock forum posts, to shut up it's PAYING CUSTOMERS with over 20 years, both home and business. Well then it is time to get the Attorney's involved.

Cox must realize that customers with over 20 years of on-time payments. At $150 a month comes out to $36,000. At $300 a month that comes out to $72,000. Those of us that have also had business accounts, which are much more expensive, have paid considerably more. I am currently paying nearly $300 for my home service. I think I deserve to get the download and upload speeds I pay for, along with low latency, and also be able to get competent support when there is an issue with the service.

I am only asking for what Cox advertises. My understanding of consumer protection laws, is that advertising a product and given quantity for a set price, but then delivering less or other than what was advertised after payment is made. Is an infringement upon consumer protection laws.

Over the past couple of years, my service simply continues to get worse. The recent update, now even worse. While support is not helpful, and in some cases outright lie or have an attitude. In most cases are completely ignorant of the plans, pricing, and equipment. When I point out they are incorrect they either get rude, or start lying to me. I have 36 years at the CLI (command line interface). I build custom OS's based on the Linux kernel for computer clusters. I use the same network hardware that Cox uses, Ubiquiti. In many cases I know more about their network than they do.

Sales personal are the worst, many cannot speak English competently, even though they are US born, you get what you pay for. First tier support is only good for a remote reboot, up from there it is a hit or miss.

Support attitude shows that there is internal turmoil. Locking the thread shows that management is attempting damage control. For something they are responsible for causing. Cutting off the head of the messenger does nothing to rectify the problem. 

Management beating up on the paying customers and support personal, is not going to make things better.

Old marketing axiom. It is cheaper to retain current customer than to find new customers.

If Cox thinks I or others are going to continue to pay Cox to be treated poorly. Cox is badly mistaken. It is clear the old guard is gone, and the newly degree'd are running things. Buy them books,  send them to school, what do they learn?

Since Cox locks threads here & customer service is a joke. I will simply start a Cox Forum of my own, with directions on how to file a complaint with your local states attorney general. It is very unfortunate that the bad service has come to this. It is actually depressing to see so many good US companies turn into abusive entities.

Things have simply eroded over the past 2 years with no resolution. My upgrade to the Gigablast plan was a last ditch effort, that has turned into a nightmare. I am reliant upon an internet connection to earn income. If Cox is going to continue to impede my ability to earn income, and keep wasting my valuable time, I have no choice but to go to a different service provider.

I am not an employee, I am self employed, every minute of downtime, and every minute I spend dealing with Cox support, causes me to lose money. Do understand that it is costing me more than what I am paying Cox.

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