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Problems with Contour 2 DVR

I'm on the second Contour 2 DVR box since it came out a couple months ago.  I swapped out the first one at the suggestion of tech support, having the issues I describe below, but the second box has the same issues.  I've had 2 technicians come to my house to check things out in person.  I've scheduled the DVR to record shows as "new episodes" only (no repeats) on HD preferred, however it still cues up old shows which aren't new.  Case in point: Chicago PD.  I've asked it to record "new only" and it will record the new episodes, however it also has scheduled to record 20 episodes which are reruns on channel 1340/Oxygen (Ft Walton Beach, FL area), starting at 5 am on Tuesday March 21 through 2 am on March 21.  If I check the info on on one of these reruns, it does not say "Repeat."  It's not classifed as either new or repeat as some shows are.

Another case in point: Tosh.O, and I've scheduled it to record "new only" and It has cued up to record 25 episodes on channel 1056/Comedy starting at 11 am on March 25 through 10:30 pm.  

This also happened with Ridiculousness where it cued up to record over 20 episodes of reruns.  I cancelled that recording altogether.   

If I leave this alone, the DVR will end up recording close to 60 reruns of the shows I want.   The technician who came to my house and saw this issue said he thinks it's a "glitch" that Cox will push an update on later to "hopefully fix this problem."  

Another issue I'm having with the new DVR box is that sometimes when I turn on "All Power" which will turn on my TV and I suppose wake up the DVR, is that there will not be a TV signal going to my TV.  It's just a screen on my TV which says "No Signal."  In this case I have to either reset the box (either go online and ask it to send a signal to reset, or unplug the power), or lately I've had to press the blue illuminated power button on the box to turn it off and then back on again for it to send the signal to my TV.  The technician said to set the power preferences to always on, as in do not go into power save, but that hasn't fixed the problem.  Along those lines, why have a power save option if I can't use it either?

Any thoughts or suggestions?  This is all very frustrating.  I like the new Contour 2, but I never had these issues with my previous Cox DVR.

  • Hi FWB,

    Cox is aware of the Contour 2 issue where series recordings set for "new episodes only" are recording all new and repeat episodes. We recommend setting up recordings for new episodes as stand-alone, individual recordings rather than as a series recording.

    There is also an issue where the Power Saver settings seem to reset randomly, causing the receiver to appear turned off. Power cycling the receiver as you have been doing is our best suggestion at this time. Video engineers are working on permanent fixes for both issues.

  • Do you know if the series recording issue was fixed? I received an update on our Contour DVR this morning but have been reluctant to schedule more than one episode of a series at a time, e.g. using the recurring schedule option. 

  • Hi SoonerAl,

    Updates made to Contour 1, Contour 2, and Rovi video software are handled by our corporate video engineers, who don't provide release notes for minor changes. I suggest that you test a series recording for one TV series airing on a night when you will be home to monitor the recording. Let us know the results of your test!

  • I scheduled a series recording of Criminal Minds with new episodes only. I do not see any extraneous episodes scheduled other than the new episodes. So I would say the issue is fixed...

  • SoonerAl

    That's good news! Feel free to reach out here 24/7.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator