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Pandora is available through everyone I've had but Cox.

Pandora needs to be added to Contour. With such a high price, I should be able to download any streaming app I choose to my app screen. Music Choice is no choice. It's annoying to have commercials rammed into my music. That's not streaming, that's radio. Fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • who has it?  TiVo has the app, but you need a subscription

  • Hi Janice A,

    Thank you for reaching out to us through Cox Forums. We will share your comments with our Product Development Team.

  • Heh, every time I see someone ask about Pandora (which was included in Contour 1 and removed in Contour 2), a cox rep says they will share the comments with the product development team, but nothing happens.  How hard is it to have the app button, or will Pandora not give Cox any more money, so screw the Cox subscribers?  During the holidays, they can add a stupid holiday game, but no Pandora?!?

  • Jan, I have Pandora on my Contour 1.   I get the feeling that Cox doesn't see many customers using it.  it performs poorly.  I have posted 2 forum questions about Pandora problems and only one person responded. 

  • If Pandora were to be added to Contour 2 I suspect that it would perform just as frustratingly slow and lethargic as does Netflix on Contour 2. I have it (Pandora) added as a channel on my Roku Ultra, where it responds equally as responsive as does Netflix (on a Roku). If you're that much a fan of Pandora *and* also happen to have a Roku or similar device (such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire or Chromecast) I would heartily recommend listening to it from that streaming device.