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added panoramic wifi now I have no working phone jacks

I just got the panoramic modem because I was sick of the horrible spotty coverage throughout my house. The modem is now located in my living room by my tv. I tried to use my fax machine and there is no dial tone. Is this really the case that only the jack on the modem works? I can't put my fax machine in my living room

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  • When I plug the line back into Tel 1 and plug my phone back into the wall jack I get nothing. 

    Could you explain this a bit more? Are you plugging the phone into the same wall phone jack as you are using for the line from Tel 1? If so, I assume you are using a phone line splitter like the picture below? If so, plug the splitter into Tel1 on the modem, and connect your phone to one jack and the line to the wall jack into the other. Basically you're reversing how you split the phone signal, by doing it at the modem instead of the wall jack.