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Must install a modem for basic phone service

On Friday 5/18 I was working from home & my broadband went down, including phone.  Viewing the app told me there was a service issue in the area I saved a screen shot lol) but when I called an hour later the phone rep said no, no service issue and she proceeded to get me back online.  When I mentioned no dial tone she said something to the effect of yes, I see there might be an issue & wanted to schedule a tech to visiting.  I declined, but by Monday there was still no dial tone so I checked via online chat.  The online tech advised a modem was now required for digital phone.  I had been getting repeated emails and door hangers all spring about "upgrading my equipment" which I ignored but then checked to see if it was required.  I was told repeatedly NO, that NO upgrade was required to maintain my service.  However, the online tech yesterday said, YES, a modem is now required.  I'm beyond annoyed - I DO NOT WANT yet another electrical device that I have to plug in just to get basic phone service.  Worse, I purposely asked for month and was told it was NOT required.  Where on earth did this disconnect (no pun intended) happen and why would it not have been made crystal clear that I can no longer maintain an analog line?  I don't even use the *** basic tier of tv I'm paying for so I'm ready to chuck it all.

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  • For the past 10-15 years, Cox provided Digital Telephone Service.  We didn't (don't) need a modem to receive the service because a Network Interface Unit (NIU) outside our homes sent the digital signal to our analog telephones.

    The NIU is old technology because it's Circuit Switched.  An Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter (eMTA) is new technology because it's Packet Switched.  For Cox, Packet Switched will be a more efficient network.  For us, Packet Switched will be more telephone features, such as better call-blocking.

    Cox needs to migrate their telephone service from the NIU outside our homes to an eMTA inside our homes.  However, it appears Cox has encountered some obstacles during the migration.

    Until your Friday 5/18, I was like you.  I'm ignoring their emails, door hangers and letters and still receiving telephone service.  My cutoff date was six months ago.  When Cox finally pulls the plug on my NIU, I'll get the eMTA.  It appears Cox finally pulled your plug.  When your broadband went down, it was probably Cox reprovisioning your NIU, neighborhood node and headend.

    As far as the internal "disconnect" at Cox, I'd give the reps some leeway.  Although they're aware of the migration, they probably don't know the specific cutoff dates.  As of now, does everyone NEED an eMTA?  No.  In the future, will everyone need an eMTA?  Yes.  When will I need an eMTA?   We're not crystal clear because of some obstacles.

    I too will not appreciate another Cox box.  I could get an all-in-one Cox box (Cable Modem, eMTA, router) but that'll incur another rental fee.  No thanks.  Cox has to freely issue an eMTA and its electricity would be cheaper than a monthly fee.