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Phone Call From Unknown Caller ID With Loud Harassing Alarm Sound - Is Cox Telephone High-jacked?

 I am getting an increasing number of these malicious calls that seem to high-jack my Cox Telephone service. I am subjected to a very loud harassing alarm sound throughout my house from my answering machine and my three hand sets. This must be an FCC violation. Please use the following URL to listen to the last one I recorded from my answering machine.!Ak6rLTE8_2mohN9x7bl5fhRX153nAg

Please advise on how I can stop this.

Thank you.

  • If you are currently subscribed to selective call rejection, you can block that call from getting in. 


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator

  • Not much you can do about "unknown" calls. AFAIK Cox has a feature called anomous call rejection, which blocks a call if the caller ID is set to "Private", as in blocked by the carrier, but it doesn't block phone calls of people/things calling in with NO caller ID or missing caller ID data. This is because some people (Doctors offices, governmental offices, correctional facilities, etc) don't have caller ID attached to their lines, so the feature would block them too. TBO other providers have newer systems that can block those types of calls, but Cox does not. Oddly enough, the Cox Business feature by the same name (anom. call rejection) CAN be configured to block "Unknown" callers, so there is hope Cox residential will get the feature too with the upgrades talked about coming. Fingers crossed

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