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Harassing phone calls

We are getting a high volume of phone calls from what appears to be telemarketers.  Usually, we don't answer if we do not recognize the caller ID.  Now, we are getting numerous calls from the same number each day.  This morning I waited for a person to come on line.  When I asked him his name, he hung up.

Anybody else having this problem?  I got 4 calls from 623 777 9083 in the past two days.  And 9 calls from 480 316 9455.  

  • I am experiencing the same thing.  Ever since we had our new numbered landline installed we have received 5-10 telemarketing calls a day.  I suspect I made a mistake by authorizing our new number to be listed.  I think companies that want to sell things like security systems get those numbers right away.  Directly from COX?

  • You can also register your number at

    Once there, you can collect the company names that call you and report them at that web site.  They get fined.

    I will occasionally go along with the sales call just to get the name of the company so I can report them.  Then I tell the sales dude to put me on their do not call list, and open my browser to report them.

  • I too have been getting an excessive amount of calls from people looking for someone that doesn't even live at my address. I have told them that, and not to call again, they don't care.  I am registered on the National Do-Not Call but they don't care.  Is there any recourse to take?  I tried putting the number on the web site but that didn't work.  Can I file a police report or some other report to get these people to follow the law and leave us alone?  Some times I'm getting up to 10 calls a day. Today they started asking for my daughter, just because she applied for a job, they are saying she applied for a loan.  It's a scam and I want it stopped.

  • yes i also am getting calls from 480 316  9455 evey night for 4 months