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Routers and Cox internet

Has anyone had troubles with their routers working after cox came to hook up services? I had Verizon DSL and switched over to Cox and while I had my verizon service I had no problems with my wireless router and fast ethernet switch running my main computer,a second computer and a laptop. Now I also had wifi on an IPad. Since having Cox installed, I can no longer get internet on my second computer or laptop, and I have lost my wifi capabilities as well. Anyone else go through this or have any suggestions? The tech support from Cox is terrible.


  • I also wanted to add a second computer to my internet connection.  There is a link under the "manage my service" section, or something like that, when you first log into COX.  For my level of service, I can add up to 2 more computers, but each computer added will cost money.  When I had Frontier internet, DSL, all I had to do was to move the cable from one computer to the other.  This doesn't work with COX cable.

  • Can you describe for me what equipment you have there and how you have it connected?  I'm a little confused when you say you have a wireless router and fast ethernet switch.

  • You can move the wire from one computer to another if you disconnect power to the modem first.  An easier solution may be to connect a wireless router to the modem and connect all of the computers to it so you don't have to do any switching or resetting of the modem.

  • Disconnecting the power did not work.  There is a battery in place, maybe this was the reason.

    When the ethernet cable is connected to the computer that can connect to the internet, the LINK light on the front of the DPQ3212 modem blinks a orange color.  When the ethernet cable is connected to the other computer that does not connect to the internet, the light blinks a green color.  I don't know what this means.

    I am wondering if using a USB cable to connect the 2nd computer to the modem would work.

  • You can only use one or the other but not both.  Basically only one device can be connected to the Internet at at time.  Since have a telephony modem which also provide phone service disconnecting power doesn't reset it like a normal one one.  Youl'll need to find a small pointed object to push the reset button on the back each time you want to switch from one device to another.  What would probably be a more practical solution would be to install a router between the modem and the computers.  That way you don't have to constantly reset the modem each time you want to switch.