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Intermittent Connect. Drops and Lag.

So I've been having some connection issues since early April whenever I started the Cox HSI service. The connection intermittently drops out. Sometimes the modem restarts (I'm on my third modem). I believe the upstream is having problems because it seems to only happen whil either playing xbox, which requires sending information back and forth constantly, or doing something of a similiar nature on any other device such as uploading videos or other information on my computer or phone. My connection is going through the Cisco DPQ-3212 into an ASUS RT-N56U. The problem persists even while connected directly to the modem, xbox and computer. I have had 6 Techs come out so far, the next one is coming out this Sunday. All but one of the Techs said that there is nothing that they could do in regards to the connection drop out and advised that a maintenance team would have to come out and replace the line, which has still yet to be done. Is this the problem? Should the line be replaced and all be fine? Or is there another issue outlined somewhere? I'll upload some modem specs later on. If any other information is needed just let me know. Also, I have searched and searched for answers on forums including dslreports and can not find any resolve.

  • Here is a very informative document from Cisco: "Cable Modems Dropping Offline in a 2-way Cable Network"

    One of the linked reference documents from the above:

    From this document - Flap List Troubleshooting for the Cisco CMTS: "...The flap list tracks "flapping" cable modems, which are cable modems that have intermittent connectivity problems. A flapping cable modem can indicate either a problem with that particular cable modem, or it could indicate an RF noise problem with the upstream or downstream portion of the cable plant."

    Here is an interesting thread which I believe is the root cause of my modem flapping  :

    In a cable system where everyone operates on a "party line", there are many sources of noise and interference. If Cox waits for customer complaints to monitor their system performance, these kinds of problems will continue to reoccur over and over again.

    I am testing my local DSL provider (CenturyLink) to see if they are more reliable. I believe that the DSL solution will be a more stable solution since I will no longer be on a "party line" where any one in my neighborhood can trash my upstream channel.

    Sorry to those of you with cable as your only choice!

  • Those links did help me better understand the possibilities of my connection issues, thank you very much. In one of the links it was said that the Cox tech that came out for a customer went to their neighbors house and it seemed to resolve the problem. Something about a device returning bad RF signal into the line causing flapping. I live in an apartment complex, is comeone elses computer or device returning the bad signal or is it something that Cox replaces like a modem or line? Can Cox track that source down easily, or is it something that will take a month or more?

  • If the root cause of your flapping modem is upstream interference from something attached to the cable system, it can be difficult to isolate if the offending device particularly if the interference comes and goes.This may be in your building or it may be in another building or home in the area.The first thing a good cable company should do is look at the CMTS and see if there are other flapping modems. I cannot understand why they seem to spend so much time sending out ill equipped service techs to change out house wiring when evidence of multiple flapping modems would point to the real root cause.

  • I'm not sure, I will ask a fefw of these questions to the tech that comes out on Sunday to see if he has an opinion but this has been going on for so long that I am most likely to switch to AT&T because I am already familiar with their services at my parents house, but once i moved out into my first apartment I didnt want a contract. It looks like the reliability of AT&T HSI is my only choice if cox cant resolve the issue soon. I won't be playing Halo 4 or Black Ops II like this. :)