Engineers at Cox: I feel there is some inappropriate use of my personal information. As of January 9th, I am blocked from accessing my own account profile, and other important features on the Cox website. I can access email. "Chat" does not work, even during usual business hours. Customer service was very condescending to me, on January 9th, and then wanted me to disclose my passwords. Absolutely not. My wifi password was intercepted and changed sometime between November 20th and December 11, and I was unable to access my wifi. I had the correct password, but "authentication" was unable to be established. On December 11th, and had to call and ask a Tech Engineer to reset my wifi password. My primary email was changed at some point between November 2018 and January 9, 2019. A Tech Engineer told me the issues will be corrected, so that I can have full and equal access to the website. There is an active "tier 2 ticket" for this problem.
I am very capable and did not "forget" my passwords. I never changed my email preference. I did not set up a VPN. There is nothing wrong with my computer, or antivirus, or other software. There is nothing wrong with my browser. This is NOT "public" information. I would like you to respect my privacy. I would like to manage my own information, including access to my own passwords. STOP making changes to my online account. STOP blocking my access to my account features. I await a timely response and an explanation to these important matters, as promised. Thank you.
  • Hi MsEva.P, I'm sorry for all the password difficulties you've experienced of late. Because you rent a modem from Cox, you have total control of the password for your home network via My WiFi. (Learn more about managing your in-home network at Whenever the password of a Cox user ID is changed, an alert email is sent to your Primary Cox user ID to let you know. We also send email alerts when any of your Account Preferences are changed. On January 9, 2018, someone logged in with your Primary User ID/email and changed the account password. A Cox representative changed the password at your request on 1/11/19. On 1/12/19, the password was again changed by someone logged in with your user ID. Other than password changes, the last time your email address was modified was on 11/28/2017. How do you access your Cox email? Do you log in to, or do you use an email client like Outlook, Mac Mail, or Windows Live Mail? There are multiple reasons that the Online Chat button may not work on your device. Installed security software, device settings, internet browser settings, and firewall settings can all impact the Chat feature. Please ensure that third-party cookies and JavaScript are enabled through the Settings menu of your mobile devices, and through the settings of your internet browser. After making changes to device settings or browser settings, close the browser completely before attempting to log into Are you then able to access your account preferences? You can update your Cox account Privacy settings at If you have further questions about account privacy or you are unable to access your online account, please email my team at -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator