Extreme Packet Loss Recently

Me, and many others have been receiving excessive packet loss in Fortnite servers located in US-West which I believe is hosted on Amazon EC2.

I've contacted Gigablast multiple times and they are of no help.  I've tried two different modems and two different computers and problem exists.  There are tones of other people experiencing this same issue.  There are also issues people are having regarding packet loss on Netflix services (which are also hosted on Amazon?) . So I'm not sure if something routing related has happened with Cox & Amazon EC2 West

Here's a forum post with many people in my location with this issue (https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/forums/bug-reports/battle-royale-aa/681327-fortnite-packet-loss-and-ping-lag-spikes-as-of-recently-9-04-2018)

A recap of it all is:

- This is a recent issue in NA-West on Cox Communications (mostly Southern CA / San Diego)
- If we switch to NA-East, packet loss goes away (but high pings)
- It's intermittent, meaning, most games have excessive packet loss, but sometimes some servers give 0.
- It's not hardware related. I tested two computers, two modems (directly connected) and the problem still exists.
- Last night around 11 PM PST, I was consistently getting lower to no packet loss, so the issue seems to be 5pm-10/11pm PST.
- Internet speed tests show 1gbps down / 30mbps up, low Fortnite ping, but 30-50% packet loss constantly.

I ran packet tests for 20 minutes while I was experiencing this issue on ~20 other IP/Websites and received no packet loss on any of them (besides google.com).


Please look into this and help the community!  Thanks